50 Shades of Hay

Songs about Pain for your Pleasure.
Country, Western Swing, Bluegrass, Blazing Solos.



50 Shades of Hay

50 Shades Of Hay plays country, western swing, bluegrass, blazing solos and, as the band says with a wink, "songs about pain for your pleasure."

With singer/songwriter Wendy Newcomer on lead vocals, the boys bring the harmony like the Jordanaires did for Patsy Cline. When Eamon McLoughlin and Paul Kramer take the lead on fiddle, mandolin and guitar, these triple threats impart unforgettable solos. Multi-instrumentalist Rory Hoffman brings magic and creativity to anything he plays, including accordion, mandolin, harmonica and guitar. Bassist David Spicher brings the rhythm low end on a big upright bass. He and nimble guitarist Zander Wyatt provide the rhythm bed.

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